Energy Resources Corporation (ERC) specializes in providing high-quality commercial and industrial ovens for diverse applications, including bottle plants and powder coating facilities. Our extensive range of ovens is meticulously designed to meet the unique heating, drying, curing, and baking requirements of our clients. With advanced technology and precise temperature control, our ovens ensure uniform heat distribution and consistent performance. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and recommend the most suitable oven solutions. From professional installation to ongoing maintenance and repair services, our team of skilled technicians ensures the seamless integration and optimal functionality of your commercial and industrial ovens. Trust ERC to deliver reliable and efficient oven solutions that enhance productivity and deliver consistent results for bottle plants, powder coating operations, and various industrial applications.


At Energy Resources Corporation, we believe that you should choose us for your reliable and efficient heating solutions, provided by our experienced technicians, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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